developmental editing
Developmental Editing – Our Most Detailed Editing Service

At Durham Editing and E-books, you can find the type of editing that you need. Developmental editing is the most extensive editing service we offer.  This type of editing is perfect for writers who want the highest level of support. This type of editing takes into account your experience level and offers the most supportive editing possible to help you grow as a writer.


With developmental editing, we will help you:
  • Grammar (including when to use past perfect past tense rather than past tense and so much more)
  • Spelling (including homophones and all those other tricky spelling pitfalls)
  • Punctuation (semicolons versus colons, missing or extra commas, and more)
  • Rework awkward sentence structure
  • Add in missing information when possible (or at least point it out to you so you can adjust this if we don’t know what’s missing)
  • Adjust tense shifts
  • Make sure that the point of view holds throughout
  • Provide feedback on word choice
  • Point out errors we find that may have been missed during revision (your hero has brown hair in Chapter 1 but black hair in Chapter 2)
  • Get rid of repetition
  • Polish your dialogue
  • Address the general set-up of the book
  • Point out other large issues that need to be addressed
  • Be sure that your plot is complete and flows well
  • Develop the characters in the story
  • Better understand why things were changed and what the changes mean
  • Smooth flow
  • Adjust pacing
  • And more if needed…



Developmental editing starts at $0.035/word.


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