content editing

Content Editing – Our Second Highest Level of Support

Content editing is great for writers who enjoy feedback and are looking for a high level of support without needing help with syntax.  This is great for writers looking to take their written work to the next level.

With content editing, we cover:
  • Grammar (including when to use past perfect rather than past tense and so much more)
  • Spelling (including homophones and all those other tricky spelling pitfalls)
  • Punctuation (semicolons versus colons, missing or extra commas, and more)Point out missing information
  • Keep track of tense
  • Make sure that point of view holds throughout
  • Get rid of repetition
  • Help you with dialogue
  • Point out other large issues that need to be addressed
  • Help you smooth flow
  • Work on pacing through hard breaks
  • And more…

Content editing does not include rewriting your piece for you. We respect you as an author too much to rewrite your work or change your story or voice. Instead, we will work with you to address the issues we find. We may help with syntax occasionally with this service, but pieces that require extensive syntax help are better suited for our new developmental editing service.


Content editing starts at $0.025/word. 


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