Hello all! Just a few words on our upcoming anthology.

Our newest anthology will be based around memoirs. You may ask yourself, “What is a memoir?” Well, it’s not the easiest thing to explain. The Oxford Dictionary defines it as a “written account of one’s memory of certain events.” This differs from an autobiography in that you’re not sharing your whole life story, only snippets of certain moments that you deem worthy of sharing with others. The writer Gore Vidal is quoted as stating that a memoir is “how one remembers one’s own life.” Memoirs focus on how you were affected by the event.

We will be accepting both prose and poetry for this collection. We have listed below more information on what a memoir is and what we’re looking for.

1)      It must be nonfiction. Memoirs are true events of your life.

2)      It must be written in first person point of view. In memoirs, the writer is talking about himself and not getting into the heads of others. Dialogue may be included, which is often not remembered and can’t be literally true, but it should be as accurate as possible.

3)      Memoirs should have a focus on a particular event or events from your life. You’re not just telling what happened; you’re telling how you were affected by the event.

Remember that we’re looking for submissions at 10,000 words or less.

We are really excited for this new project. We know that all of us have something from life to share with the world at large.

What is a memoir?
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