Deadline for short stories submissions was June 21, 2013, but in the spirit of celebration for our upcoming launch party, we will take last minute submissions until Monday, June 24, 2013! We are so excited about the world-wide distribution of our poetry anthology Whispers, Shouts, and Songs that we have decided to extend the deadline for short story submission until after the party! Join us for fun and festivities Sunday, April 23, 2013, at 5 p.m. EST on our Facebook Fan Page ( Take the evening to ask contributors to the poetry anthology for tips and helpful suggestions about your short story submissions! We will be playing trivia and giving away prizes such as bookmarks, notebooks, bags, T-shirts, and paperback copies of the book! Enjoy networking with these amazing authors and have some fun playing games on Sunday! Then, on Monday, get back to the grind. Once the work-week  is underway again, spruce up your submissions and send them in for consideration!

Remember that a short story is considered to be a prose narrative that has some sort of conflict and solution, no matter how small or large that conflict and solution may be. While we enjoy reading prose poetry and personal essays, we are only accepting short stories for this specific collection. If you have questions as to whether or not your piece is a short story, be sure to ask yourself if it has a conflict, if the conflict has a resolution, and whether or not there is character development.

We look forward to reading your stories, and we hope to include your name alongside these talented writers who will be included in the short story anthology. Congratulations to those authors: Mellissa Black, Hannelore Moore, Linda Harris Sittig, Kathleen Schmitt, Aleshia Clarke, Jennifer Hulehan, Daniel Schutzman, Timothy Ruane, and Wayne Murphy! Let’s add your name to the list! Submit your entries via email to!

Last Minute Short Stories