You may ask, “Why does Durham Editing and E-book Design want me to submit my poems for an anthology? I want to self-publish. Isn’t that what this company helps me do?”

Part of your question is actually your answer. Durham Editing and E-book Design is here to help you self-publish. We can edit, polish, and format your masterpiece. We can wrap it in a beautiful cover and show you how to publish your book at little or no cost to you. If we stopped here, however, we would only be doing half of our job. Anyone can self-publish, but it takes hard work, persistence, and opportunity to turn self-publishing into a successful career. We by no means guarantee that submitting your poems to our anthology will turn you into a Best-Selling Author. What we do offer is an opportunuty for you to get noticed.

How can we help you get noticed? The answer is simple. People are more likely to purchase an anthology of poetry than a book of amazing verse written by an author they do not know. Our goal is to provide a platform for poets to put their best foot forward and create an interest in other works by these same talented  Independent Writers. Our sincere hope is that the large number of talented writers and poets in the Indie community will submit several (if not all 5) entries. This is possibly the easiest way to get published that we can offer friends, family, and the other wonderful writers seeking to expand their audience. We think you are worth the risk. You should, too. We look forward to reading your submissions very soon!


Why Should I Submit My Poetry to This Anthology?
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