We often give away coupon codes via Smashwords.com to purchase a copy of our e-books for free. This is a great way for anyone with an e-reader or computer to have a chance to read our collections. It is also a great way to share these collections with your friends and family. Here’s how it works.

When you have a coupon code for a book, you can use it to purchase a book for you on Smashwords.com. To purchase it for yourself, you would click the button ADD TO CART. When you checkout, you enter the coupon code and the reduction is taken. Easy enough. You can even purchase up to five copies for yourself at a time, but it is really only necessary to purchase it one time.

When you want to give the book as a gift, you would select the button GIVE AS A GIFT. On the next page that appears, you will see a box for the coupon code. You can enter it here. If you would like to give the book to a specific person, you would enter their email in the open box under the question “Who is this gift for?” Then you enter their name in the opening for NAME. Click UPDATE. This will send that person an email with an active link for the person to redeem the book for FREE. Really simple way to give out the book without spending a penny.

If you want to buy gift copies for people you do not have an email address for, enter your own email address in the opening for “Who is the gift for?’ Do NOT enter a name in the NAME opening. This will send you an active link in an email that you can forward or share with one person. If you want to include the gifted book link in a Christmas card, you can print the email and include it in the card.

A word of warning- the link you receive is for one copy of the book. That means that if you want to give ten people the book, you will need to go through the above process ten times so that each person will get their own link. Still, a few minutes of typing could provide you with a large number of free presents that are ecologically friendly, truly unique, and enjoyable to read.

We hope that each of you will consider giving our anthologies this year as holiday presents. Check our website or social media sites for coupon codes as the holidays grow near. You can also give them as gifts without coupon codes in case anyone is interested.

If you have additional questions about gifting, please visit: http://www.smashwords.com/about/gifts


Using the GIFT Feature on Smashwords
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