What a fantastic read! Ryan Henry is beyond adept at making the reader fell the emotions, the struggle, and the unspeakable sense of impending danger that Trent and Emily feel. From Trent’s hiding in the Appalachian Trail to the very end of the book (which I cannot give away!), Mr. Henry creates, evolves, and fully develops the character of Trent, the unlikely hero who becomes someone you cannot allow yourself to see lose. You find yourself personally invested in his well-being. You begin to see past his once meaningless lifestyle and into the heart of what drives this ever-changing, ever-growing antihero. This is a book I actually could not put down. Couldn’t. You will have to pry your fingers away from the electronic page to turn out the light before sleeping, or you just may wake in the morning to find your light still on and a drained battery on your reading device. Omega Zero is a futuristic tale with a truly well-written, unique take on the topics we all see on the daily news and the ones we don’t know of yet but fear might come true. Thank you, Mr. Henry, for an awesome story to keep me up at night. If you’re reading this review, I know you want to buy a copy! I truly suggest you do! You won’t be disappointed!



Review of Omega Zero by Ryan Henry
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