Hi, everyone! With these current collections on special for FREE right now at Smashwords.com, we have been asked how to use the Smashwords version on a Kindle. Our personal experience is to save it to our Kindle for Computers content and transfer it from there to our Kindle. Unfortunately, not everyone has downloaded that great free program (Kindle for Computers), so this advice was not that helpful. So, we explored Smashwords, and, as usual, this awesome little site had the directions ready for us. We are sharing them here straight from Smashwords so we don’t miss anything. There are links included so you can check out Smashwords site for any additional questions you may have.


How do I download books to my Kindle or Kindle Fire? You’ll  find links to all your purchased books in your Smashwords Library.   There are two options for loading Smashwords ebook content to your  Kindle or Kindle Fire:

1.  USB Connection.   Plug your Kindle into the USB slot (small rectangular slot) of your  computer using the cable that came with your Kindle (the Kindle Fire  doesn’t come standard with the USB cable, so you’ll need to obtain the  cable separately, or, use the email option described in #2 below). When  you attach your Kindle to your computer via the USB cable, it makes your  Kindle appear as a hard drive on your computer.  After you purchase the  book, from the book’s book page click to download the “Kindle” .MOBI  format. Next, navigate to where you see the Kindle show up as a hard  drive on your computer. Next, just drop the book’s file (it should end  in file name of .mobi) to the Kindle’s “documents” folder. Then  disconnect the Kindle from your computer and the book will be ready to  read.  If you already downloaded the .MOBI file to your computer, here’s  a helpful YouTube video that shows how to drag the file from your  desktop to the Kindle’s documents folder: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UPOgXDYj3M (video not produced by Smashwords).




2.  Email the Ebook to Your Kindle Email Address: For both first generation Kindles and the newest Kindle Fire, you can  email your Smashwords .mobi files to your Kindle email address.   Amazon’s support page provides complete details.   To email files to  first generation Kindles (Kindles other than the Kindle Fire), click  here:   http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=200140600For Kindle Fire only,  Click  here for how to set up your free Kindle email address, and how to load ebooks or email ebooks to your Kindle  Fire using either the email or USB cable method.

How do I download books to my Kindle from my Mac? First,  go to your web browser’s Preferences and click Downloads.  Make sure to  click on the box that directs your browser to ask you where you want to  save downloads.  If you don’t do this first step, your files may go to  your Downloads folder, and then it will be difficult to move them to  your Kindle.  Next, connect your Kindle to your Mac using the USB cable  that came with your Kindle.  Next, click to your Smashwords Library to  find the link for your purchased book.  Then click to download the .MOBI  file.  When your browser asks where you want to save the file, navigate  to your Kindle’s “Documents” folder, and drop the file there.  After a  few seconds, unplug your Kindle’s USB cable and you’re ready to read.

How do I add an ebook to my Kindle App on Android? Download  the .mobi version of your ebook to your computer (remember where you  put it). Plug your Android device via USB into your computer. On your  Android device set it to ‘USB storage’ this may be a pop up query, but  you may have to activate it from you device settings. Navigate from your  computer to the /kindle folder and copy the .mobi file here.  Eject or dismount your phone safely from the computer before  disconnecting the cable. And don’t forget to uncheck the ‘USB storage’  button on your Android device (Thanks to Smashwords customer Darold  Dickey for contributing this FAQ).


We found these directions really helpful, and we hope they have helped you, too. Now go ahead and download those free anthologies and enjoy some great Sunday reading!

Downloading the Kindle Version of Smashwords.com E-books
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